Caring for our Pregnancy and Obstetrics Patients Like Family in Middle Tennessee

Our obstetrical care often begins well before a woman becomes pregnant. Women who are considering having a baby can receive pre-conception counseling, especially if there are health concerns. We also help women who are having difficulty getting pregnant.

For the duration of pregnancy, we are here to listen, advise, reassure, comfort, coach and problem-solve. We meet with mothers-to-be regularly to check their health and their baby's growth. Outside of office visits, we are just a phone call away for any question or concern. We are committed to responding to calls quickly, because we understand that getting timely information can make all the difference in keeping pregnancy stress to a minimum.

Pregnancy and Obstetrics Services

  • Prenatal Care - Learn more about how we care for expectant mothers.
  • Advanced Infant and Maternal Services (AIMS) - A multidisciplinary team of specialists assigned to assist high-risk mothers and those who are delivering babies with complications or congenital problems.
  • Breast Infection - Infections of the breast related to breastfeeding.
  • Childbirth (Conventional) - The use of pain medicine, such as an epidural, to assist in the delivery of a baby.
  • Childbirth (Natural) - The use of non-medicinal techniques to assist in the delivery of a baby.
  • Ectopic Pregnancy - A fertilized egg that implants in the fallopian tube or elsewhere outside the uterus, where it is not able to develop.
  • High-Risk Pregnancy - Pregnancies that need a higher degree of attention, due to certain risk factors.
  • Infertility Counseling - Advising patients on the options available to them for overcoming the barriers to becoming pregnant.
  • Lactation Support - Assisting breastfeeding mothers in achieving success and dealing with challenges, such as poor latching, low infant weight gain and cracked nipples.
  • Miscarriage - Walking with women through the painful process of losing a pregnancy, and helping them prepare to become pregnant again.
  • Postpartum Depression Screening - Time with new moms in follow-up exams to rule out postpartum depression, and take steps if depression is a reality.
  • Pre-conception Counseling - Advising our patients on preparing for the process of trying to get pregnant, which may include a discussion of risk factors the patient knows about.