While every mother’s pregnancy experience will be unique, there is a general schedule that most pregnancies follow. Throughout your pregnancy, our doctors will advise on diet, nutrition and prenatal vitamins, how to safely exercise and maintain your desired level of activity, healthy habits, foods to avoid and other practices to support a healthy pregnancy.

Pre-Conception - Getting Pregnant

Even when you’re just thinking about trying to get pregnant, there are some things you should know. A visit to one of our physicians can equip you with the knowledge you need to decide when the time is right to attempt conception. This visit may include a discussion of strenuous physical activity that is a part of your life, concerns you have with your health, or just a conversation about all the right things to do as you prepare your body for pregnancy.

First Signs of and Symptoms of Pregnancy

If you notice signs that you might be pregnant, such as a period much later than normal, unusually tender or sensitive breasts, or you’ve had a positive pregnancy test, please call our office [link to phone directory] to schedule your first prenatal visit. Your specific circumstances will determine when you will come in for your first visit.

Labor & Delivery

We take exceptional measures to ensure that the doctor you have worked with throughout your pregnancy is there for you in childbirth and during your hospital stay. Your doctor will help you know what to expect during labor and delivery to ensure you are prepared and have a positive experience.

Postpartum - After Giving Birth

Following birth, we will schedule follow-up visits to affirm postpartum healing and screen for postpartum depression and other adverse situations.